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Five Little Mermaids Sing-Along

Five mermaids guide children on a journey through the world’s oceans while counting down from 5 to 0, in this whimsical singalong book. Includes educational notes about mermaid legends, marine animals, and the five oceans. A catchy song and video animation to reinforce STEM learning is linked on the book by QR code.

Key Features :

i : HIGH INTEREST TOPIC: Mermaids are beloved by many children and sure to spark their curiosity. The endnotes include information about merfolk legends around the world to inspire interest in global mythology.
ii : STEM LEARNING: Each spread showcases a different ocean, the characteristics of each ocean and types of animals that live there; each ocean has its own color palette and musical cues to reinforce its identity for children. Readers also practice counting down from 5 to 0.
iii : DIVERSE CHARACTERS: The illustrations include characters who present as male, female, or gender-neutral, as well as an LGBTQ+ merfolk family. Each mermaid also has a name from a different culture, and the mermaids show a wide variety of skin tones.
iv : WIDE AGE RANGE: Six pages of endnotes offer more facts about the world’s oceans, mermaid mythology, and sea creatures.
v : 32 Pages