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It is easy to create a review or video.


Our preferred platform for video creation is YouTube. Simply ask someone to point your phone at you and hit record! Explain how you found GREGSBOOKS.COM, what you or your kids are feeling about getting your box it in the mail, and why you like and your kids like to read. Then just open the box on camera and tell the audience what you see inside and how you are feeling as your take the books out.   

Please use our YouTube hash tag #gregsbookscom

Please place our website in your video description: WWW.GREGSBOOKS.COM


If you would like to do a video review of the box your received that would also be great. You can record it and post it to:

Facebook: @gregsbookcom

Youtube: #gregsbookscom

Twitter: @gregs_books & #gregsbookscom


Write a Review

If you would rather write a review of Greg's Books or of the book you purchased that would also be great! We love book reviews. After you have written you review simply tag us in the post with one of the tags below.


Facebook: @gregsbookcom

Twitter: @gregs_books & #gregsbookscom