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Team Quest 2022 / 2023
Team Quest is an academic competition designed for students in an enrichment program. The events have been designed around the idea that learning should be fun, hands-on, and collaborative. The grade levels are divided up into 4 grade divisions. 
  • 3rd 4th /5th Grade
  • 6th Grade
  • 7th / 8th Grade
  • 9th - 12th Grade

Each Team Quest competition is divided into 5 events (See Below). The cumulative score at the end of the completion is used to award plaques to the top teams. 

Yearly Theme
Each year the theme for Team Quest changes. CLICK HERE to see some of the themes from years past. 

The Theme for the 2022 / 2023 school year is "Time Traveler." This year students will explore the years and decades of the 20th and 21st centuries. All of the events will contain elements from the theme. Students will get to explore their creativity and use their engineering skills. 
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Team Quest Events
Theme and Topic (Warm-Up)
The Warm-Up Challenge will explore a topic related to this year's theme. It is a combination of hands-on and Knowledge-based events. In this challenge, teams will get small glimpses into what the other larger challenges will be about.
Creativity and Design
The Creativity event will challenge the team's abilities to use their imagination to construct a product that requires creative inspiration and the ability to work together. 
Building and Construction (Engineering)
The Engineering Challenge is all about construction. Teams must build something to complete a complex task. Students must work together to use their project in a meaningful way. 
Knowledge and Insight (Trivia)
In the Trivia Challenge, teams will answer questions that relate to the theme. Questions can be on any topic but will always relate back to the theme. 
Numbers and Calculation (Math)
The Math Challenge will test the team's ability to solve problems. Questions are presented in a way that challenges students' ability to apply mathematics in real-world situations. 
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Team Quest
2022 / 2023

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Why Ants?

The ants have been the Team Quest mascot for nearly 20 years! Ants are a creature that MUST work together as a team. Ants are born knowing what their jobs are going to be in the colony. They are shown how to do their job by the older ants but they learn quickly too.

Just like ants, we want students to learn the importance and benefits that teamwork will bring to their lives. Team Quest is not only a competition and challenge, but it is also a tool to teach what it means to work cooperatively.

Why Team Quest?

Each school that uses TQ with its gifted students see excitement, enthusiasm, and motivation in many learning situations.  TQ is a fun and educational experience for all the students involved.

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Simply Click Below to Register
To register for the Team Quest Live event in El Paso, TX click on one of the options below. 

1) First, click "Request a Quote." Once you complete the form we will email you a quote. This will be used to complete your district's paperwork. 

2) Once we complete your quote, we will send you an email with your quote attached. If everything is correct, you will complete the "Confirm Your Date" form below. Once you complete this form you are all set to attend Team Quest. 

3) The last step in the process is to download the Team Quest Information and Safety Guidelines below. This form will provide all of the day of information you will need. It will also contain the advisor's checklist and parent waiver form for each of your students. 
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