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Adventurer Calendar Bulletin Board Set

Eureka Bulletin Board Sets are a great way to add creativity to bulletin boards, hallways, walls and classroom space with fun designs and themes. Each set includes 110 pieces packaged as 5 panels: 1 Giant Calendar (17" x 24"), 12 Month Headings, 33 Dates, 37 Special Days, 1 Days of the Week Chart with Today Is, Yesterday Was, and Tomorrow Is Indicators, 1 Seasonal Chart with Various Weather Indicators, and 1 Temperature Indicator with Header and Arrow Indicators.

Key Features :

i : Includes 110 pieces
ii : Full color illustrations printed on heavy weight card stock
iii : Everything needed to create a giant classroom calendar, with month headings, dates and additional squares containing illustrations that highlight special days
iv : Calendar measures 17" x 24"