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Big Beads, Translucent

Big Beads are sure to keep little ones stimulated and happy. The beads are excellent quality and can be reused over and over. Help children develop fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, color differentiation, sorting and grouping with these fun and vibrant Big Beads. Translucent beads come in 6 different shapes: cubes, balls, ovals, saucers, cylinders, bicones. The large holes make it easy to thread. Lacing lanyard included. Beads range in size from 3/4"-1". Preschool teachers enjoy using these beads as a fun and relaxing educational activity. Includes 16 oz (approximately 100 beads).

Key Features :

i : Translucent and come in 6 different shapes.
ii : Lacing lanyard included
iii : The large holes make it easy to thread
iv : Beads come in bright colors.