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Das Jr®


Clay Blocks, Assorted, 100 g, 10 Ct

DAS Junior comes to school, DAS for younger artists! This modelling clay is soft and ready to use: ideal for use in schools and for children aged 3 upwards. The 10 different colors remain bright even when dry, and can all be mixed together to create infinite shades. The clay is air hardening so there's no need for baking, it's non-staining and can be washed off the hands with water, and can be removed from most fabrics in a machine wash. Mineral-based and gluten-free.

Key Features :

i : Mineral based & gluten free
ii : Air hardening, no need to bake
iii : Softer than regular DAS & ready to use
iv : Colors are mixable to create infinite number of shades
v : Washes off hands & most fabric