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Colors of the World Colored Pencils, 240 Count, 10 Each of 24 Colors

This Crayola Colors of the World Bulk Colored Pencil Set contains 240 colored pencils in 10 sets of 24 specially formulated colors and 8 pencil sharpeners. These skin tone colored pencils are a welcome addition to any classroom art tools collection, allowing children to make school projects more realistic and true to their world. The subtle shades inside are formulated to better represent the growing diversity around the globe. Colors of the World fall into three main shades: Almond, Golden and Rose – and all the darker or lighter shades in between. This pack includes 24 colored pencil colors that represent people of many different regions and cultures. Makes a great addition to classrooms, art rooms, and more!

Key Features :

i : CRAYOLA COLORED PENCIL SET: This bulk colored pencil collection features 10 sets of 24 colored pencil colors that represent people from around the world.
ii : COLORS OF THE WORLD: Includes colors such as Deepest Almond, Medium Golden, and Light Rose.
iii : CLASSROOM SUPPLIES: Stock up classrooms and craft rooms with a greater variety of coloring supplies for school projects, crafts, and more!
iv : SKIN TONE COLORED PENCILS: An exciting addition to your pencil collection, making coloring pages and drawings even more detailed and realistic.