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Cra-Z-Art® Washable Fine Line Markers, 40 count

Cra-Z-Art Washable Fineline Markers 40ct markers come in 40 assorted colors! This 40ct washable finetip markers set comes in a rainbow of colors, each hue is represented in this set. This fineline marker set includes shades of reds, pinks, yellows, oranges, blues, violet-purple, greens, browns as well as black, gray, and silver. This fineline marker pack has a precision finetip that is great for drawing, detailing, doodling and dotting. When it comes to filling in the details, these washable markers don’t mess around. Thanks for an advanced washable formula, imaginations can run free without worry. The bright, rich hues stay true and won’t stray until you wash them away. These washable finetip markers feature tight-fit caps that keep high-powered pigments fresh and ready to make a dramatic entrance time after time. Cra-Z-Art finetip washable markers are color-full to the core. These bold, saturated colors stay true and won’t bleed through, these are our brightest colors yet! Cra-Z-Art is dedicated to making quality finetip markers that inspire creativity and supply users with a rainbow of endless possibilities. Cra-Z-Art 40ct washable finetip markers are safe and non-toxic and great for kids ages 3 and up. Keep creativity sharp and in perfect control!

Key Features :

i : Cra-Z-Art Washable Finetip Markers bulk classpack comes with 40 different colors per pack
ii : Cra-Z-Art 40ct Washable Finetip Marker bulk set has a bright, rich hue for every project need and an advanced washable formula
iii : Cra-Z-Art finetip washable markers offer bold, saturated colors that stay true and won't bleed
iv : Cra-Z-Art 40ct bulk washable finetip markers feature precision fine tips with tight-fit caps to keep colors fresh after each use
v : Cra-Z-Art washable markers are safe and nontoxic and great for kids ages 3 and up