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Music Symbols–Wipe-Off® Bulletin Board Set

This teaching and reference set presents music symbols with large, clear illustrations and helpful terminology. Two reusable music staffs invite hands-on learning. Also includes Music Notations, Staff & Notes, Rests, Notes, Staffs & Bars, Time Signature, Accidentals, Clef Signs, and 10 reusable pieces. 20 pieces, up to 25". Includes a Discovery Guide with creative activities that teach and delight!

Key Features :

i : Introduce children to the basic symbols of music with this flexible 20-piece display set.
ii : Large, clear illustrations teach common symbols and terminology.
iii : 2 dry-erase staffs for hands-on learning. For best wipe-clean results, use TREND Wipe-Off® Markers.
iv : Extra Value: Discovery Guide included with creative activities that teach and delight!