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Sargent Art®


Non-Hardening Modeling Clay, Terra Cotta, 1 lb.

Sargent Art® non-hardening clays are ideal for freehand modeling, Claymation, and realistic sculpting. Modeling clay will never dry out for use over and over again. Great for sculpting, modeling, and prototyping. Mineral based, non-hardening, safe, and non-toxic. Includes 4 sticks (1 pound) of clay.

Key Features :

i : Smooth, non-hardening clays are ideal for free-hand modeling, Claymation and realistic sculpting
ii : Non-toxic clay won't stain or dry out
iii : Great for Claymation, learning sculpting and classroom settings
iv : Soft and pliable modeling clay that never hardens
v : Gluten-free