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Pom Pons, Bright Hues, Assorted Sizes, 100 Pieces Per Pack, 3 Packs

Soft and crush resistant Pom Pons are great for making dolls, ornaments or wherever your creativity takes you. These Assorted Pom Pons are one of our most popular assortments. This package includes six different sizes with specific counts per size. Each pack includes 100 pieces, and sizes include: 15 pieces of 7 mm poms, 20 pieces of 1" poms, 10 pieces of 0.5" poms, 20 pieces of 1.5" poms, 15 pieces of 0.75" poms and 20 pieces of 2" poms per pack. Sold as 3 packs, 300 pieces total.

Key Features :

i : Wide range of sizes and assorted colors for all your craft needs
ii : Great addition to any craft kit
iii : Use glue to adhere to each other or other surfaces