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Rock 'n Learn®


Preschool Phonics DVD

Developed by educators, here's a fun way to get your preschooler excited about building the early literacy skills fundamental for reading. This video begins with an ABC phonics song that features two cute animals for each letter of the alphabet. Other songs focus on identifying objects that start with different letters and reviewing the most common sound each letter makes. Children expand their vocabulary as they practice identifying letters and learning sounds. These game-like songs with colorful animation encourage active participation and hold the interest of even the most energetic little learners. Approximately 40 minutes. Ages 1-5. Contents: • Animals ABC Phonics Song • I Spy - Part 1 • I Spy - Part 2 • ABC Phonics Song • I Spy - Part 3 • I Spy - Part 4 • Learn the Sounds • Letter Sounds Quiz • Name That Letter! • Looby Loo (learn left/right) • This is the Way (becoming responsible)

Key Features :

i : Focus on the skills fundamental for reading.
ii : Learn the alphabet and common sounds for each letter.
iii : Practice identifying letters. Game-like songs and fun animation encourage participation.
iv : Useful for building vocabulary.
v : Developed by educators working in the classroom.