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Sargent Art®


Sculpt it™ Air-Hardening Sculpting Material, 2 lb., White

Sargent Art® Sculpt-It® is a smooth, air-hardening sculpting material is ideal for freehand modeling and creating realistic sculptures. No kiln or heat baking required for drying. Dries to an almost ceramic hard surface with minimal shrinkage during the drying process. Can be moistened while pliable to encourage piece to piece adhesion, smoothing & blending and to avoid cracking, colors can be blended together to create new colors or unique marbling effects. Each tub includes 2 lb. of sculpting material.

Key Features :

i : 2 pounds of white Sculpt-It in a resealable tub
ii : Dries to a ceramic-hard, extremely rigid surface with minimal shrinking, no kiln or baking needed
iii : Finished sculptures can be drilled, sanded or painted after drying
iv : Ideal for freehand modeling and creating realistic sculptures
v : Gluten-free