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Switchable Stereo-Mono Headphone, with 3.5mm plug and 1-4" adapter

The Switchable Stereo/Mono Headphones are considered the benchmark headphone by schools and districts for language learning because of its sound quality, durability, and performance at an economical price to stretch budgets. The headphones help students better stay on task by muffling external distractions with its circumaural (literally meaning around the ears) ambient noise-reducing earcups. Its padded headband is comfortable enough for extended wearing and is fully adjustable for optimal weight distribution and balance. The headphones features individual volume controls on each earcup and can be switched between monaural and stereo functions. Includes a 10 foot, coiled cord with a 3.5mm mini plug and snap-on 1/4 inch adapter for use with cassette players and monaural jackboxes.

Key Features :

i : Rugged ABS plastic headstrap and earcups resist breakage in high-use situations
ii : Replaceable padded leatherette ear cushions
iii : Slotted baffles protect the inner speakers from accidental perforation
iv : Noise-reducing earcups lower external ambient noise to help students stay on task while reducing the need to increase the volume for hearing safety
v : 10 foot, coiled cord with a 3.5mm mini plug and snap-on 0.25 inch adapter