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Triangular Colored Pencils, 12 Per Pack, 12 Packs

Bright and fun colored pencils provide hours of vibrant fun! Maped Color'Peps Triangular Colored Pencils feature a 2.9mm core with pigment that goes down smooth and but resists breakage, making them perfect for all types of drawing and writing. More comfortable than a standard pencil, the triangular body naturally indexes your fingers in the correct spot for more comfortable use and is recommended by teachers! The unique shape also stops the pencils from rolling when used on an inclined desk, while still sharpening cleanly in any standard pencil sharpener. Non-toxic and AP approved, each pack includes the following 12 colors: Dark Black, Woody Brown, Green Golf, Apple Green, Sunny Yellow, Blush, Fruity Orange, Red Kiss, Lovely Pink, Aubergine (Purple), Marina Blue and Bubble Blue. Sold as 12 packs for a total of 144 pencils.

Key Features :

i : Bright and vivid colors are super smooth and leap off the page
ii : Durable, strong leads resist breaking but still lay down smooth color
iii : Triangular shaped pencils are more comfortable to hold and will not roll
iv : Sharpens easily in all standard pencil sharpeners
v : Elm wood construction with soft and durable lead