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Ultra-Clean Markers, Fine Line, Classic Colors, 10 Per Pack, 6 Packs

Kids love to get creative with color, but parents want to keep the color where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn't! Crayola Ultra-Clean Fine Line Bold Markers now have an improved Ultra-Clean washable formula and come with two new bold colors. These durable fine-line markers are ideal for writing, drawing, or coloring in small areas. Fine Line Markers provide artists with classic Crayola colors that feature Color Max – our brightest, truest colors yet. Amp up school projects and artistic endeavors with high-quality ink that is true to color. The variety of bright, classic colors in this pack invites imaginative expression. With its slender tip, the Fine Line Marker is a precise drawing tool. Perfect for coloring in small areas, these markers are also great for writing or drawing thin lines or dots. These markers lay down plenty of vibrant color and won't smudge or bleed through paper. The world's most washable non-toxic markers now come in an improved Ultra-Clean formula that washes easily from skin, clothing, and common household surfaces—even painted walls. Each pack includes 10 markers. Sold as 6 packs for a total of 60 markers.

Key Features :

i : These sleek and stylish marker barrels house colorful ink that work on a variety of surfaces, including posters, coloring pages, brown paper lunch bags, foam core and more
ii : Washes clean from skin and clothing
iii : 10 per pack, sold as 6 packs, 60 markers total
iv : Safe and non-toxic
v : Sold as 6 packs for a total of 60 markers.