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Creative Teaching Press®


Upcycle Style Pencils 6" Designer Cut-Outs, 108 Per Pack, 3 Packs

These colorful wooden Pencils 6" cut-outs are an iconic symbol of school and learning. The realistic-looking worn paint, metal banding and bright colors give these pencils cut-outs a familiar yet modern feel. The 6" cut-out size is perfect for accenting bulletin boards, as well as for use in writing centers, writing-based projects; art displays; crafts, and classroom organization/labeling. Each pack includes 108 pieces, 12 each of 9 designs. Sold as 3 packs for a total of 324 pieces.

Key Features :

i : Use for classroom organization, labeling book bins, cubby tags, desk tags, and more
ii : Fun for use as a quick writing prompt or posting student names on a bulletin board
iii : Perfect for craft projects, patterning and graphing activities, and fun game pieces
iv : Enhance bulletin boards, highlighting student work, adding a bit of sparkle to classroom décor, and more
v : Measures approximately 6"