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Handy Art®


Washable Finger Paint - Pint Primary Set of 6

Handy Art® Washable Finger Paint offers vibrant, fast drying color with a smooth and creamy texture, a great way for young minds to explore their tactile world. Never have little hands had so much fun and been so clean afterwards! Washes out of most fabrics with soap and cold water. Certified AP Non-Toxic. Made in the USA. Each set includes 6 colors: Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Violet.

Key Features :

i : Vibrant colors are smooth and creamy
ii : Washes out of most fabrics
iii : Certified AP Non-Toxic, made in the USA
iv : Does Not Contain: Latex, Dairy or Casein, Soy, Egg, Gluten, Peanut or Tree Nuts